Project history (excerpt).

Client: Toll4Europe GmbH (Telekom, Shell, DKV, Daimler)  
My role: Project Lead/Countrymanager Certification Germany, Lead Business Analyst

I was responsible as the projectlead for the planning & execution of the Certification of the electronic truck tolling system of the EETS Service Provider Toll4Europe in the toll domain Germany in cooperation with the Bundesamt für Güterverkehr (BAG) & thus the operating permit for the solution for Germany and the German Toll Collection System. Main tasks were the planning, execution and management of the different certifcation test phases within the suitability-for-use-tests of the certfication of an EETS-Provider with the BAG. Also as functional expert responsible for the adapton of the solution to the requrements of BAG.

Furthermore I consult the client in my role as a tolling expert in the design of the technical solution/platform and support of the Productmanagement in the solution design and implementation.

Analysis of the requirements of various toll domains (Germany, Austria, Belgium, France…)

Expert for Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC) & the communication OnBoardUnit/ Enforcement gantries & toll stations in various toll domains. After the successful certification responsible for transfer to productive operations (Roll Out & Ramp Up OnBoard Units, Operational Readiness,...)

Further tasks:
  • Project Management
  • Lead of Test Management for the phases interface test, trial run and Pilot operations
  • Business Analysis Toll Collection, tariffing, billing, CRM processes
  • Requirements Engineering & -Management
  • Consulting and design of functional solution concepts for an interoperable tolling solution
Client: T-Systems, Vinci

My role: Lead Consultant/Tolling Expert for the bid proposal for the take-over of TollCollect 2019 for the consortium

My tasks were the analysis of the requirements of the tender & the conception and design of solution concepts for various functional extensions and adaptions of the german toll collection system TollCollect. Furthermore consulting in the context of the bid proposal

Further tasks:
  • Consulting in the technical details of the current exiting toll collection sys-tem TollCollect and in concepts of the tolling business
  • Consulting & design of functional & technical solution concepts for exten-sion and modernization of the current operative tolling system TollCollect
  • Integration of electronic tachograph in the tolling system
  • Business Analysis
  • Requirements Engineering & Management
  • Project Management
Kunde: GfK, Nürnberg
My role: Business Analyst, Solution Architect My role: Business Analyst, Solution Architect Design & Implementation data processing system (e2e from data-in to reporting DWH) for gathering, storing and preparation and reporting of article masterdata and related sales data (multidimensional) for the market sector “Distributors"

My tasks were:
  • Business Analysis
  • Creation of Functional Design documents
  • Design of functional solution concepts & UI
  • Handover to development department
  • Support of Development (SCRUM)
  • Interface to the Business/users, workshops with stakeholders
  • Interface to the existing reporting system
Client: Satellic NV, www.satellic.be, Viapass.be

My role: Project Lead & assistant Stream-Lead, Lead Business Analyst, Testmanager

Responsible as Project Manager, Lead Business Analyst & Testmanager fo the implemention of the road charging scheme Enforcement system in Belgium in the phases Business Analysis, Project Management, Management of development, Testmanagement.

Successful Go-Live in April 2016 in time & in budget!

Further tasks:
  • Technical Project Lead/Lead Business Analyst Software decentral components & Enforcement-Backoffice
  • Management of the installation + rollout of the Enforcement equipment (Enforcement gantries,+equipment, Enforcement vehicles etc.)
  • Integration with the overall solution
  • Responsible for the Test Management of the Enforcement solution
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Enforcement gantries + equipment
  • Expert for DSRC (Dedicated Short Range Communication)
  • Automatic Compliance-Check (DSRC, Laser, Cameras)
  • Management of the suppliers
  • Project Management stream Enforcement
  • Management of tender-requirements
  • Review of funtional specifications
  • Design & modeling of the Operational Process Model Enforcement
  • Gap-analysis with other sub-systems& sub projects
  • Design of solution concepts
Client: AGES

My role: Lead Business Analyst

Responsible as Lead Business Analyst and Solution Designer for the conception and specification of a complex distributed pan-european truck tolling system according to EETS specification.

My tasks were:
  • Project phases Business Analysis, Functional Design, management of development
  • Conception, planning & execution of the Business Analysis-phase
  • Requrements Engineering & Management of the requirements
  • Execution of RFQs (e.g. OBU)
  • Support of the overall system specification
  • Creation of functional solution concepts
  • Creation of the E2E Business process model for the EETS Service and OBU Logistics processes
  • Modelling UML 2.0 (Use Cases, Activity diagrams, ERM etc.)
  • Management of the suppliers
  • Consulting in the setup of a Requirements Engineering methodology and the process from specification to system acceptance
Client: GfK, Nürnberg
My role: Business Analyst, functional Project Manager

Design & Implementation of a company-wide Master Data Management System for sales data including a Workflow Management System from data in to DWH reporting for the market sector “Retailers”.

My tasks were:
  • Planning + implementation of business analysis phase from functional design to support of development teams
  • Planning + implementation of business analysis phase from functional de-sign to support of development teams (Team 3-8 Analysts)
  • Planning and moderating analysis workshops with the customer
  • Creation of functional solution & functional design documents
  • Design and modeling of a E2E business process model
  • Functional design out of Enterprise Architect with UML 2.0
  • Modeling the requirements and concepts according to UML 2.0 in Enter-prise Architect (Use Cases, Activity diagrams, Entity Relationship diagrams etc
  • Management of requirements throughout the lifecycle
  • Functional Design
  • Sub project management (Workpackage-planning, Statusreporting,...)
  • Support and Management during development
Clent: Ubisense AG / Deutsche Telekom AG
My role: Project Manager, Release- and Defectmanager

Management of several projects for the adaption and extension of the DB based application MEGAPLAN for the FTTx fiber network rollout of Deutsche Telekom (projects: Fasermietmodell, Durchgängige Netzsicht, Retire MOGLI, etc.).

My tasks were:
  • Projectmanagement (SCRUM) of multiple projects e.g. Fasermietmodell, Durchgängige Netzsicht, Retire Mogli (Provisionierungssystem), Performanceimprovement
  • Planning & management oft he project execution from offer phase to acceptance tests
  • Capacity planning, scheduling & resource management
  • Management of international development teams (Poland, UK, Spain, USA)
  • Daily SCRUM Meetings
  • Interface and Reporting to the customer
  • Releasemanagement and Defectmanagement of several releases with ClearQuest, ClearCase
  • Execution of the delivery process with Clearquest/Clearcase, OpEx Calls, ...)
  • Changemanagement + Riskmanagement
  • Analyse und Verbesserung von Prozessabläufen in der Projektabwicklung
  • Beteiligt an der Erstellung und Review von Lösungs-Spezifikationen und High-Level Design Dokumenten
  • Requirements Management within FTTx Projekte
  • Interfaces/integration to the complex Systemlandscape (Flexprod, IR/PM, Mogli, MP2CFV...)
  • Support of Test Management system & acceptance tests

Used technologies/methodologies:
  • Projectmanagement (SCRUM as SCUM-Master)
  • Releasemanagement & Defect Management
  • Changemanagement
  • Requirements Management
  • Test Management
  • Smallworld PNI, Smallworld GIS
  • FTTx
  • Physical network infrastructure
Clients: Israel Railways, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Israel
Ascom AG, Bern, Schweiz

My role: Lead Requirements Engineer, Projektmanager, Testmanager

For the design, implementation & roll out of a country-wide automatic railway passenger information system.

My responsibilities during conception & implementation phase:
  • Lead of Requirements Management team
  • Implementation of a Requirements Engineering Methodology + procedure model
  • Analysis, documentation & validation Tender Requirements
  • Creation of the functional specification documents & the system components (functional concepts, interface specifications) as basis for develop-ment and as contractual basis
  • Moderation of customer-workshops
  • Management of the requirements throughout the project-lifecycle (Change- and Riskmanagement)
  • Creation of functional solution concepts
  • Modeling of requirements and functional concepts with UML and SYSML
  • Integration with external systems (e.g. Train Control System ARAMIS)
  • Unterstützung beim Design des redundanten hochverfügbaren Rechenzentrums
  • Vorbereiten der Implementierungs - und Rolloutphase
  • Contract- & Scope-Management on the basis of the tender
  • Support of the Development team

My responsibilities during Test- und Acceptance phase were:
  • Project lead & Testmanagement System- and Site-Acceptance -tests
  • Conception and design of the Testmanagement for the Integration-, Sys-tem- and Site-Acceptance-tests
  • Development of the test strategy, procedure model, test cases test-handbook
  • Begleitung und Steuerung der Testteams

Used technologies/methodologies:
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Tender Management
  • Functional specifications, Interface specifications
  • Solution Design
  • VoiP
  • Project Management
  • Teamlead Requirements Engineers + Software Developers
  • Test Management
Client: Siemens Networks, München/Düsseldorf

My role: Business Analyst, Project- and Qualitymanager

Project- & Processmanager for the roll-out of the mobile network core infrastruc-ture R4 and the implementation of the services. My tasks were the support and optimization of the implementation phase, especially the management of the project streams.

My tasks were:
  • Management of the suppliers and subprojects during the implementation of the R4 network infrastructure (e.g. roll-out of the hardware components MSS, MGW, CMD, implementation of the services (speech, data, VoiP), implementation of the Operation Support System (OSS)
  • E2E-Process definition – & optimization of the implementation & project processes
  • Analysis & optimization of the PMO processes
  • Project Auditing and -Reshaping
  • Analysis of the contracts and customer-requirements, tracking (Scope-, Contractmanagement)
  • Analysis & optimization of the Acceptance Testing & the Testmanage-mentprocesses
  • Implementation of a Change- and Riskmanagement

Used technologies/methodologies:
  • Project Management
  • Processmanagement ARIS
  • Test Management
  • Contract- und Change- and Riskmanagement
  • Core Network Architecture, NGOSS, IMS, Next Generation Network, All-IP
Client: Skytoll A.S., Bratislava, Slowakei

My role: Project Manager + Lead Consultant Automatic Toll Collection System during the implementation of the nationwide electronic tolling system in Slovakia in Bratislava.

I was responsible for the team „Trip Collection System“ for the design and imple-mentation of the automatic toll collection system and integration with other system parts (central system).

My tasks were:
  • Analysis and management of the tender requirements
  • Monitoring of the fulfillment of the contractual requirements
  • Design & technical specification oft he automatic tolling system: OBU, OBU Management System, centrale systems CRM, Billing, Logistics
  • DSRC, interface to Enforcement stations
  • Conception + modeling of the End-to-End Business Processes and Sys-tem-processes (Tolling, CRM, Billing, Logistics)
  • Conception + modeling of the IT-Serviceprozesse (ITIL)
  • Roll out planning
  • Specification and support of the development oft he OBUs and thier soft-ware as embedded system starting from specification to mass production together with Siemens
  • System-modeling with UML, SYSML
  • Management of suppliers and development teams
  • GAP analyses between to-be processes & solutions provoded by suppliers

Used technologies/methodologies:
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Project Management PMI
  • Contract Management
  • Functional Specifications & Interface Specifications
  • IT Serviceprocesses ITIL
  • Business Process Management with Enterprise Architect
Client: T-Systems/Satellic Traffic Management, Munich/Berlin

My role: Business Analyst/Requirements Engineer

As a Business Analyst & Solution-Consultant the design & specification of the subsystem automatic tolling and the central system. Goal was the development and realization of a complex, modular product „Satellic Tolling Platform“ for the automatic electronic toll collection used as base product in international tender participations.

Used technologies/methodologies:
  • Design of the systems & service processes according to given require-ments
  • Creation of the fuctional specifications of the components OnBoardUnits as embedded system, central tolling component, CRM, Billing)
  • Creation & Management of requirements in IBM Doors
  • System modelling with UML, SYSML
  • Design of the services in the context of a SOA with WSDL, XML, e.g. CDR processing, Billing and CRM-services
  • Creation of interface specifications
  • Interface to the development teams
Client: T-Systems, Rechenzentrum, Magdeburg

Meine Rolle: Business Analyst, Projektmanager

Projektleiter & Consultant for the defiintion, analysis & optimization of the IT service processes according to ITIL in a data center during the implementation of a quality management and the methodology for Busness Process Management. Goal was the creation of a basis for billing of data center services as well as increasing transparency in these processes.

Eingesetzte Technologien/Methoden:
  • IT-Serviceprocesses ITIL
  • Business Process Management with ARIS, Roll Out of ARIS
  • Project Management
  • Quality Management
Client: T-Systems / Satellic Traffic Management München, Bratislava

My role: Requirements Engineer, Sub-Project Manager

Requirements Engineer and Sub-project lead during the participation of the ten-der for the Slovak national truck tolling system. Design of the technical solution & creation of the functional specifications of the subsystems automatic tolling and central system/CRM. This included the analysis & management of the tender requirements, the desgn of the business processes (CRM, Tolling, Billing and Logistics), the specification of the functional solution and the definition of the roll-out plan and set-up of the operating company. I was responsible for large parts of the tender/bid documentation..

My tasks were:
  • Teamlead (7 persons) & Project Management PMI
  • Analysis and Management of the Requirements
  • Solution design according to the tender requirements
  • Tracking of the fulfillment of the requirements by the offered solution (Contractmanagement)
  • Creation of the Functional Specifications of the subsystems and OBUs (embedded system) as well as design of the business & system processes (OBUs, Tolling central system, CRM, Billing, Logistics system))
  • Design & documentation of the IT-Serviceprocesses ITIL
  • System modeling with UML, SYSML
  • Creation of a concept for the set-up of the operating company
  • Roll out planning
  • Management of the system suppliers and development teams
  • GAP analyses between to-be processes and solutions of the suppliers
  • RFP + Bid Management

Used technologies/methodologies:
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Business Process Management with ARIS
  • Design of the IT-Serviceprocesses ITIL
  • Project Management
  • UML-modeling
Client: T-Systems / Satellic Traffic Management, München/Berlin

My role: Business Analyst, Project Manager

As a Business Analyst responsible for the Project Lead and execution of design and modeling of a Business Process reference model for a Toll Charging Service Provider based on the requirements of various international tenders. The reference model is used withn various participations of internation toll collection system tenders as basis for the bid creation. Further goal was the implementation of a BPM methodology in the organization of Satellic.

Used technologies/methodologies:
  • Business Process Management with ARIS
  • Requirements Engineering
  • IT Service Processes ITIL
  • Project Management
Client: T-Systems / Satellic Traffic Management , Munich, Budapest

My role: Requirements Engineer, Functional Project Manager

Requirements Engineer & Sub-Project Lead/Team Lead of the Solutionteam „Au-tomatic Tolling“ (5 persons) during the tender for the electronic tolling system in Hungary. I was responsible for the solution design of sub systems according to the tender-requirements. For the satellite-based tolling system (GNNS/GSM), the functional specifications, the design of the processes and the generation of the bid documentation was created.

My tasks were:
  • Teamlead (5 persons) & Project Management
  • Solution Design according to Tender-Requirements
  • Design + Modeling of the System- and Business Processes Tolling, CRM, Billing, Logistics with ARIS
  • POS Processes OBU (Petrol stations, Servicepartner, POS)
  • Registration processes (Pre-/Postpaid scheme)
  • OBU Hand out + Initialising/Personalisation of OBU
  • OBU installation processes
  • OBU communication rules & -behavior with central systems
  • OBU Update, OBU Monitoring
  • Toll Collection processes
  • OBU Credit TopUp, OBU Blocking
  • Billing, Clearing, Settlement
  • Creation of functional specification documents for the embedded eystem OBU, central systems CRM, Billing
  • Specification of the data connection of the decentral components
  • GAP analyses between to-be processes and solutions of the suppliers
  • Design of the IT-Serviceprocesses ITIL
  • RFP / Bid Management

Used technologies/methodologies:
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Project Management Prince2
  • Business Process Management with ARIS
  • Functional & technical specifications
Client: TollCollect GmbH, Abt. Fachliche Erprobung, Berlin

My role: Testmanager, Project Manager

Sub project lead, Test Manager, Tester for the acceptance tests of the automatic tolling system during the implementation and rollout of the GNSS based national tolling scheme TollCollect Germany. Test objects were the decentral OnBoardUnits and the Backend-Systems of the german tolling system (OBU Management system, Tolling central systems, SAP MM, SD, FI, Peoplesoft CRM).
Toll Collect is the company that operates the German lorry road user charging system. The scope of the project was to implement the solution from scratch and to build the organisation to run the solution.

My tasks were:
  • Management of the Automatic Tolling Systems testing team with 4-6 members during implementation of the german Electronic Toll Collection system
  • Testmanagement Testmanagement End-to-End tests of the Automatic Scheme (AV) against system specifications, and requirements
  • Responsible for Quality Assurance and the software test management regarding resources, scope and quality
  • Business process based E2E tests
  • System tests, Integration tests, Acceptance tests
  • Functional and non-functional tests
  • Java, XML, DB tests, SQL

Used technologies/methodologies:
  • Team- and Sub project lead (up to 8 persons)
  • Methods of Softwaretesting against system specifications
  • Complex distributed system architecture
  • Rational Clearquest, Clearcase
  • Requirements Management
  • Peoplesoft CRM
  • SAP R/3 SD, MM
  • Individual software
  • Functional Specifications, Interface Specifications
  • Project Management PMI
Clients: various, cross-branch

My role: Business Analyst, Project Manager

  • Business process-based implementation of SAP (MM), Ministry of Defense Bonn
  • Implementation IS-U, Stadtwerke Kiel
  • Implementation SAP R/3, Steel Producer Koblenz
  • Implementation SAP R/3 Bayer
  • Implementation of a business process & workflow based Compliance Man-agement Tool, E.ON Sales&Trading, Munich
  • Implementation Business Process Management and process optimization, Deutsche Telekom Mannheim
  • Design, implementation + optimization of CRM & product service process-es, Swisscom Bern
  • Implementation Quality Management and Business Process Management Nuclear Power Plants, E.ON Kernkraft Hannover